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  • Vintage 1972 Fender Jazz Bass USA Olympic White Maple Guitar
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Vintage 1972 Fender Jazz Bass USA Olympic White Maple Guitar


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Vintage 1972 Fender Jazz Bass USA Olympic White Maple Guitar

Vintage 1972 Fender Jazz Bass USA Olympic White Maple Guitar

Well, you don’t see these come up for sale in this sort of condition often! An original Olympic White 1972 Fender Jazz Bass, with the black bound maple neck and block inlays. The owner clearly looked after his guitars and apparently this one hardly came out its case. I would honestly be surprised whether you could find one in such good condition. We have carefully taken this apart in order to authenticate it and everything is as it should be, down to the smallest detail.

The serial number puts this at very late 1972 and the neck date is 1972. The original grey bottom pickups point to that year, and the pot codes date to late 1972 too. The guitar comes with the two pickup covers and thumb rest, which are usually lost or damaged. The nut sits in perfectly between the black binding at 34mm wide – a lovely thin neck which is extremely easy to play. This weighs in at 11lbs – an extremely manageable weight.

This is in lovely, lovely condition.

The only things worth mention is a small ding to the lower side of the neck, and a brown mark to the back of the body. One of the screws keeping the neck pickup cover in place has snapped in the past, leaving the remnants behind, as pictured. This doesn’t affect the way the cover sits at all. Otherwise, apart from the faintest of marks, it is a collectors kind of condition. It has had a couple of grub screws replaced in the saddles, and the capacitor sitting over one of the pots has also been replaced – otherwise completely original! It comes with a Non-Original Fender Hard Case, being the perfect fit.

Serial Number: 378769

At The Music Locker we will do all we can for you to get the instrument you want. You’re more than welcome to come along and have a play on this through one of our vintage amplifiers!

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