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  • Vintage 1970s Laney Klipp PROTOTYPE The Idle Race Valve Amp
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Vintage 1970s Laney Klipp PROTOTYPE The Idle Race Valve Amp


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Vintage 1970s Laney Klipp PROTOTYPE The Idle Race Valve Amp

Vintage 1970s Laney Klipp PROTOTYPE The Idle Race Valve Amp

A very special piece of ELO history right here. Before ourselves, this was owned by Greg Masters, the bass guitarist out of ‘The Idle Race’, the springboard for so many musicians, most notably Jeff Lynne, and we bought this right out of his hometown – Birmingham. It is an extra special amplifier, being a prototype of the Laney Klipp. This dates to 1972, a year prior to the release of the classic amplifier. From what we can gather, this amplifier was made in Birmingham specifically for the ‘Brummy’ band The Idle Race, which then went over to the Steve Gibbons band.


The box to this is much shorter than the Klipp’s produced, but everything else seems to be the same. Our tech noticed that the ‘Klipp’ section had a faulty design, hence another reason for this being a prototype. He has corrected that and it now sounds just as it should. A wonderful amplifier and a wonderful piece of rock history. Cosmetically, this has seen better days. There are quite a few marks and scuffs throughout, including a slight split to the underside, as pictured. It is also missing two of the original feet. Sound wise, this rocks! The three original Partridge transformers, alongside a brand new quad of TAD EL34s and 3x Mazda & 1x Mullard ECC83, give this amplifier a real special sound. The Klipp section is genius! It has been a gigging amplifier in its colourful past, hence a few components changed over the years, but nothing significant.

If you’re wanting a piece of British rock history, this is the amplifier for you!

This amplifier has been serviced and PAT tested, to a playable & safe standard, by one of our leading amp techs. To find out more about what our service includes, please check out our terms and conditions before purchasing.

Please have a close look at the high resolution photographs below, as these form part of our description.

At The Music Locker we will do all we can for you to get the instrument you want. You’re more than welcome to come and have a play on this, coupled with one of our vintage guitars!

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