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  • Vintage 1968 Fender Telecaster Sunburst Refin Maple Cap Electric Guitar
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Vintage 1968 Fender Telecaster Sunburst Refin Maple Cap Electric Guitar


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Vintage 1968 Fender Telecaster Sunburst Refin Maple Cap Electric Guitar

Vintage 1968 Fender Telecaster Sunburst Refin Maple Cap Electric Guitar

Maple Cap Neck / Fully Dated / Top Hat Switch Tip / Pat. No Bridge w/ Correct Saddles / Dated Grey Bottom Bridge Pickup / Single Tree / F-Tuners / Lightly Figured Maple Neck / Original Lined Hard Case

We found this beauty out in California (the home of Fender!) purchased from the second owner. He’d owned it for around 10 years and had bought it from the original owner. He’d not done anything to it for 10 years, but was unaware of anything done to it before hand. We bought it ‘blind’, ready to take it apart when we received it back in the UK.

And what a journey it has been to authenticate!

Firstly, the neck is dated 3rd July 1968 in the correct stamp (not written), which correlates perfectly with the serial number of 248198. The two visible pot codes both say 304-6617, which would indicate, by the number 304, that these are correct ‘Stackpole’ pots. The next two numbers indicate the year – 66 – which would mean these were made and then purchased by Fender in 1966 and kept in the factory until 1968 when they used them on this guitar. It’s well known that Fender bought a massive batch of pots in 1966, which they were still using until the late 60s, so this adds up perfectly!

The bridge pickup is pen dated and grey bottomed from this era, with date ‘7-29-68’ (29th July 1968) – very close to the neck date indeed. The neck pickup is much harder to distinguish. We tested the rating of this pickup which came in at 7.51k, meaning if this is original it has been rewound for a higher output. Usually these measure between around 5.8-6.5k. However, everything else seems to point to the fact that it is the original pickup rewound, rather than a replacement. We found a period correct reissue pickguard to add to this wonderful guitar as the one on it when we purchased it was a newer replacement.

And now for the interesting bit.

We were well aware of the silly rare sunburst, non-bound custom Telecasters of this era, with the maple cap neck. We bought this wondering whether this was one of them…and we’re still not 100% sure now. Underneath the pickguard, around the neck pickup, there looks to have been a previous route done – professionally. It looks near perfect to be honest, which led us to originally believe this was factory done and then finished over the top in this custom non-bound body. However, why would Fender – churning out thousands of guitars by 1968 – fill a routed body? It is highly unlikely, but still possible. However, there really is no way of confirming this so we are selling this wonderful guitar as a refilled and refinished players grade Telecaster. Who knows, you may be getting a steal!

This guitar is in great condition.

The sunburst finish has crazing all over the body, as you can see, giving it an amazing natural-worn look. There are a couple of light dings that add to this. The metalwork on this guitar is really exceptional – very little rust at all! There are a few spots that have light scratches to them, but nothing significant. The neck itself has a few bits of wear to the maple cap, from many years of playing. I believe it has had a refret in the past, meaning it plays really well now.

And, of course, this beauty comes with it’s original lined Fender hard case. There is a little bit of tape to one corner, and one of the latches has broken off too.

Weight: 7.6lbs

Please have a close look at the high resolution photographs below, as these form part of our description.

At The Music Locker we will do all we can for you to get the instrument you want. You’re more than welcome to come along and have a play on this through one of our vintage amplifiers.

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