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  • Vintage 1967 Marshall JMP Bluesbreaker Tremolo 50 Plexi 2x12 Pinstripe Amplifier
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Vintage 1967 Marshall JMP Bluesbreaker Tremolo 50 Plexi 2×12 Pinstripe Amplifier


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Vintage 1967 Marshall JMP Bluesbreaker Tremolo 50 Plexi 2×12 Pinstripe Amplifier

Vintage 1967 Marshall JMP Bluesbreaker Tremolo 50 Plexi 2×12 Pinstripe Amplifier

Series 1 Cabinet / Model 1962 / inc. Pedal / Last of BB

One of the rarest amplifiers on the market today! This particular model is the extremely rare crossover period (1967), where Marshall changed the external label from JTM to JMP – still retaining that classic JTM sound. The rectifier valve, pinstripe baffle, mustard caps, JMP label and speaker codes date this amplifier to 1967.

This amplifier is possibly one of the most famous sounding amplifiers – well known for launching British blues-rock music in the 1960s – placing it in the top ten most valuable amplifiers in the world.

This amplifier was acquired from the widowed wife of the original owner, who loved and cherished this amplifier. He had it recovered by Marshall themselves early on, including the handle change, but otherwise kept it’s originality well.

Serial Number: 10043

Valve: 1x Mullard GZ34 Rectifier / Marshall ECC83 (Tremolo) / 2x Vintage Unbranded EL34 / 2x Mazda ECC83 & 1x Brimar ECC83

Transformers: Original – 1202 118 / 784 128 / Choke

Voltage Selector: Yes

Speakers: 2x 20w Celestion T1221

Speaker Code: 22HM (22nd August 1967)

Speaker Cones: Original

Cabinet Dimensions: 24″ / 30″ / 12″

This amplifier has been serviced to a playable & safe standard, by one of our leading amp techs. To find out more about what our service includes, please check out our terms and conditions before purchasing.


Overall excellent condition. As this has been recovered, the tolex is near mint, with only a few marks on it. The original pinstripe cloth has a small tear in it and a few small puncture holes where the speaker bolts have rubbed against the back.

Please have a close look at the high resolution photographs below, as these form part of our description.


This is extremely original internally. Obviously externally it has been recovered by Marshall, including a new handle and logo, but the pinstripe is the original. Two of the knobs, ‘Speed & Intensity’ are newer replacements. Internally, the speakers are original, as is the foot switch. Transformers are all original too. There have been a few components changed in previous services, but nothing of great significance.

A few years back we sold the exact same amplifier, just the 4×10 model 1961, with all the same parts and indicators of this year. Check it out on our website.

Please get in touch with any questions or remarks you may have. It’s a beauty!

At The Music Locker we will do all we can for you to get the instrument you want. You’re more than welcome to come and have a play on this, coupled with one of our vintage guitars!

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