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  • Vintage 1961 Gibson Les Paul Standard SG Cherry Guitar OHSC
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Vintage 1961 Gibson Les Paul Standard SG Cherry Guitar OHSC


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Vintage 1961 Gibson Les Paul Standard SG Cherry Guitar OHSC

Vintage 1961 Gibson Les Paul Standard SG Cherry Guitar OHSC

Strong ‘Unfaded’ Cherry Finish / PAF (Patent Applied For) Pickups, as used up until 1962 / Sidepull Tremolo arm / Nice Width Neck / Kluson Doublering Machine Heads / Gibson ABR1 Bridge / Yellow Lined Original ‘Lifton’ Hard Case 

This is, by far, the nicest guitar we’ve ever had in at The Music Locker. 1st year Gibson Les Paul Standard. Yes, that is Les Paul and not SG. After building the classic Les Paul ‘Bursts’ until 1960, Gibson halted production and instead changed the Les Paul to what we now know as the SG. This particular model is from the first year of production – 1961 – in real collectors condition, completely original, with original case and candy. When we received this in, we couldn’t believe our eyes! We’ve gone into crazy detail in dating and authenticating this wonderful ‘showroom condition ‘guitar and can confirm it’s an original stock guitar!

This guitar has no breaks or repairs to it, and is in exceptional condition. I honestly would be bold enough to say it is probably the best in the world!?

Serial Number: 25425 (5-digit dated early 1961)

Weight: 6.9lbs

We also have the permission to use the following video of this exact guitar through a 1967 Marshall Super PA (starts at 1:49). It really does sing!!

Please have a close look at the high resolution photographs below, as these form part of our description.

At The Music Locker we will do all we can for you to get the instrument you want. You’re more than welcome to come along and have a play on this through one of our vintage amplifiers. We are also relatively near to East Midlands airport. If anyone abroad would like to fly in, we can come to some sort of arrangement to pick you up. International delivery includes full tracking and insurance for the value of the guitar. For anyone outside of Europe, we will need to apply for a CITES certificate for exporting this guitar after sale, due to it containing the endangered rosewood material. The application process for CITES will add up to 15 days on delivery upon purchase of the guitar, and is totally out of our hands. Please keep this in mind.


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