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1962 Vox AC30 Fawn Beige Copper Top Combo


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1962 Vox AC30 Fawn Beige Copper Top Combo

This particular amplifier has had the ‘infamous’ black paint job on it back in the 1960s. When Vox changed the tolex of these amplifiers from fawn to black in 1962, current owners of the AC30s wanted the ‘new’ look, hence painting them black to fit in with the new fashion of all black amplifiers. We have left the paint on this amplifier for the buyer to decide whether this piece of history is to be stripped back to the original fawn or kept as it is – with a story to tell!

This amplifier has backplate serial number 5650N, fawn tolex (painted), copper panel, black SBU handles (changed from brown leather), ‘Vox Blues’ w/ RIC cones, no corner protectors and backplate. All these date this amplifier to around August 1962.

Valve Brands: Mullard, Brimar & Mazda

Transformers: Woden

Codes: 66309 HT / 66310 HT / 19H

Voltage Selector: Yes – UK & USA

Footswitch: No. Tremolo activated by switch (as pictured)

This amplifier has been serviced to a playable & safe standard, by one of our leading amp techs. To find out more about what our service includes, please check out our terms and conditions before purchasing.


Overall in ‘good’ condition, as pictured. Besides from the paint, there are a few scuffs and scratches all over, and a couple of scuffs to the front grill cloth. It is missing the 3x brass vents and has 3x added plugs to the back board. This isn’t a perfect conditioned collectors example, but a well-loved, well gigged, historic example of such a fine amplifier!

Please have a close look at the high resolution photographs below, as these form part of our description.


In our opinion, this is mostly original. The handles have been changed from the brown leather to the black SBUs. The Vox logo is a replacement. There have been a few small internal parts that have been changed in the service too, including 2x rotary selector switches (and associated components), along with 2x Vox knobs.

Everything of value still remains, including the Haddon transformers, speakers, cones, etc.

At The Music Locker we will do all we can for you to get the instrument you want. You’re more than welcome to come and have a play on this, coupled with one of our vintage guitars!

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The Music Locker prides itself on offering vintage and collectable pre-owned instruments and equipment (the Products).

We take all reasonable steps to ensure the equipment has been inspected by a competent person in the UK to ensure it complies with UK safety standards. This may mean it does not comply with the current standards in the country in which it will be subsequently used. It is the purchasers’ responsibility to ensure it is inspected by a competent person knowledgeable with the relevant electrical safety standards within that country, prior to connecting to any live electrical circuit.

It is the philosophy of The Music Locker to keep all items as original as possible, only changing original components when absolutely necessary. This includes valves, capacitors, transformers, potentiometers, frets, etc. This gives the buyer the option of tailoring to their exact needs, and may mean that the item is not operating at optimum performance levels. Therefore, your personal preference may differ, depending on your circumstances (i.e. collector or musician), and you may decide to service the item in more depth upon receiving.

The Music Locker cannot accept responsibility for any costs of refurbishment to a standard different to the one advertised.