Ludwig Lover

Everyone has heard of The Beatles. Everyone knows at least one Beatles song. Everyone’s heard the names, John, Paul, George & Ringo. Most would argue they were the most famous band of all time and I’d like to agree!
There’s always been a member that stood out to me. Naturally, being a drummer, it’s Ringo. His floppy hair, big nose, rubbish voice and classic head bobbing were a few of his not so good features, but his drumming – now that is something else completely!
His drumming was unique, unlike anything anyone had ever seen! He made the “matched” hand grip popular, the drum high riser cool, his timing was near perfect and he even changed the way drums were recorded!
One thing that stood out about Ringo was his drum kit. Ringo used Premier but mostly Ludwig. Everyone would remember his Black Bowling Ball/Oyster Pearl Kit, THE iconic kit.
The Music Locker has an exact era Ludwig Kit – Oyster Blue Pearl. While it may not be the exact Ringo kit, its an absolute beauty. The sizes are 12×8 // 14×14 // 16 x16 // 22×14.
The shells and the coated heads make the kit sing, you can get the classic sound of Ringo himself from this kit, or with the added tom, a bit more of a Bonham style sound. This is a very all round kit, many a modern day drummer still uses this kits to record and play live with.
This particular kit came to The Music Locker in need of some TLC. They gave me the privileged job of stripping each drum down to the shell and I cleaned all the shells, polished and cleaned all the chrome on the lugs and hoops, all the heads were replaced and have since been slightly used by myself to ‘test’, as it’s just too good of a kit to leave alone!
As I have said before, this is a truly iconic kit and not to be missed!
For what you’re getting and the time and effort that has gone into this, along with the condition of this kit, it’s an absolute bargain.
If only I could keep it… Maybe one day!
For full details of the kit and to view the listing, it’s available here.
Jacob Kirk – Drum Restoration
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