A Day in the Life of The Music Locker

It’s a 5am start with a cup of tea and two toasts. Today should be a ‘Monday Morning Blues’ type of morning but I can’t wait – another buying adventure! Jono is picking me up at 5:30am for another trip to London. When you enjoy a job like I do, even the 23-mile roadwork’s on the M1 seem a pleasure!

9am is our first stop off at Paddington Station at rush hour! We’re meeting a man who is selling what seems to be a 1960 Les Paul Junior. Jono believes it to be earlier, due to the ¾ scale and mahogany body. 55 years old and still a baby!

9:30am and we’ve just picked the guitar up. It is an absolute beauty and we can’t wait to get it serviced and for sale. It’s extremely hard to not want to keep the guitars we buy, but needs must…

11am and our next stop is yet another satisfied customer. We’ve just delivered our 1980s Tokai ‘Lawsuit’ 335. A great guitar for a really nice guy! It’s always good to see the guitars going to such a good home. Makes it all worthwhile!

1pm is our last stop in London for an early 1950s Hofner. Needs a bit of work but she’ll look lovely once done!

On our way back we’ve tried to stop off at Birmingham to see a friend we deal amplifiers with but unfortunately he’s not available so we’ve taken a bit of time out to recharge our batteries at Bicester Village.

After a long and fruitful day buying and selling, I’m still at the wheel at 6:30pm with an hour left and shocking weather. No amount of rain could stop me from loving this trip. Jono is riding shotgun purchasing left, right and centre – eying up the next trip!

What a fantastic job to have! Nice people that are selling their old gear that we can continue the stories with, and nice homes that the gear is going to. Best of all – great people to work with!

Can’t beat a bit of Joe Bonamassa to keep us on it at 7:30pm!

Look out soon on the website & social media for the things we’ve purchased today.

Hope you’re next! Keep looking!

Love & Peace,




1956 – 1958 Gibson Les Paul Jr 3/4 Scale for sale here!



Early 1950s Hofner for sale here!



Previously sold Tokai 335, found on our past sales page.



A Day in the Life…



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