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1969 Marshall Super Bass Refurbished – Bringing Lazarus Back To Life

1969 Marshall Super Bass Refurbished – Bringing Lazarus Back To Life
February 2, 2018 The Music Locker
1969 Marshall Super Bass Refurbished - Bringing Lazarus Back To Life

1969 Marshall Super Bass Refurbished – Bringing Lazarus Back To Life

1969 Marshall Super Bass Refurbished – Bringing Lazarus Back To Life

Super excited about this one! We’ve named this amplifier ‘Lazarus’ for the reasons to follow.

One of the joys of doing what we do is bringing dead things back to life – and that is exactly what has happened with this 1969 Marshall Super Bass. We bought this from a rather nice guy who lived in Redditch. He had owned it for years and it had fallen out of favour with him many years ago, so was demoted to his garden shed…. Boy can you tell!

When we received it back in the Locker, we realised just how much of a state it was in!

Externally, it was missing one of the brown knobs, had a bent standby switch, an extremely rusted handle, and some painted mesh. The tolex had previously been stripped and recovered, leaving bare wood in some corners. It was also missing the Marshall logo and original black feet. Internally it was even worse! On first inspection, the chassis itself was heavily rusted, capacitors had blown, valves were busted and, worst of all, spiders had made their home on it (not really worse of all). On the back panel, the mains lead had gone, and the voltage and ohms selectors were missing. This was without testing the transformers or looking in the guts. What a pain! Most people would not risk something like this, but it’s what we love!


So we got to work sorting out all the parts needed for this, and got our best tech on the job – who named this amplifier Lazarus after the dead-to-life Bible story.

First step was to remove the badly corroded handle and replace it with another original one that we had in our parts bin. The tolex was cleaned up as best as possible. This was previously recovered (except the back panel funnily enough), but we liked the character of the amplifier so felt a total new recover would ruin the story! We also bought a reissue Marshall badge for the project and that was also fitted. Here are the photos from the first step.

Unfortunately the chassis label had long since gone, so we were left to guess whether this A-serial amplifier was 69 or 70.

The mustard colour caps are always great to find a rough age. These ‘C9’ and ‘D9’ caps would date to the 3rd and 4th quarter of 1969. Therefore, we’re labelling this amplifier as late ’69. Clearly post-plexi due to the metal panels.

Second step was to tackle the guts! We left this to our tech, who is a real gem of a bloke! He’s never afraid to tackle the worst of jobs, and things are always done to such a high standard. He really is a breath of fresh air! An electronics place in Hockley, Birmingham, had previously had it’s hands on this before the shed storage. Further digging actually found that the mains transformer has been changed at some point, maybe done by this company?

Quite a few hours later, we had the amplifier back up and running! Here’s some shots:


We plugged this in on getting it back and it really does sing! We’ll be posting a video very soon of Lazarus in action. We’ve put this up for sale at a reduced price for obvious reasons, but we can confidently say the buyer is getting a bargain, with an awesome story!

Vintage 1969 Marshall JMP Super Bass 100w Valve Amplifier Head

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